ISLAND ROSE – Wonder Oil 100ml


The power of 8 Ayurveda WonderHerbs in an ultra-nourishing blend. Instantly adds a soft silky-smooth touch to skin & hair, without a greasy after-feel. Moringa & Marigold help soothe skin & shield against pollution. Sweet Almond & Virgin Coconut help protect skin & hair from dryness. Naturally anti-oxidant Rice Bran & Wheatgerm help even-out skin tone & beautify the face, body & hair. Rose, Rose Geranium & Margosa help improve radiance & promote overall wellness.

The packaging is adorned with floral motifs inspired by traditional art from the grand Royal palaces of the ancient Kingdon of Ceylon.
* Dosha – Tridosha
* Best for all skin types
* 100% Vegan & Vegetarian
* Authentic Ayurveda Ingredients
* Paraben Free
* Paraffin Free
* Promotes Sustainable Harvesting
* Ethically sourced & manufactured
* Against Animal Cruelty
* Supports Community Fair Trade

HOW TO USE: Spray-on directly on to skin & hair, gently massage & leave-on. Work extra on dry areas.

INGREDIENTS: Rice bran, Olive, Almond, Wheat germ, Moringa, Rose geranium, Margosa, Sesame, Rose, Avocado, Calendula (Marigold), Coconut, Soya, Sunflower

SKIN TYPE: Tridosha – Best for all skin types

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