Aloe Lemongrass Mandarin – Summer Wellness Head To Toe Ultra-Hydrating Gel(100ml)


Product description:

Enriched with cooling & hydrating fresh Aloe Vera from our Community Trade village farmers in the North-western coast of our island home, this light formula melts into skin & hair, promoting a feeling of soothing refreshment during warm summer days. Sandalwood, Moringa, Grapeseed & King Coconut help nourish & soften skin, treating dryness & hair damage.

Soothing Aloe & Witch Hazel comfort & revitalise skin & hair after harsh exposure to sun & water. Ceylon Lemongrass, Oriental Lavender & Mandarin help soothe, calm & refresh the senses, promoting overall wellbeing for the body, mind & soul.

Against Animal Cruelty
100% Vegan & Vegetarian
Ethically Sourced & Manufactured
Supports Community Fair Trade
Promotes Sustainable Harvesting

Dosha: Tridosha, Suitable for All Doshas and Skin Types


Ayurveda Wonder Herbs, 100% natural active WonderHerbs,  Aloe Vera (leaf Extract), Coconut Water, Moringa Leaf Oil, Witch Hazel, Grape seed Extract, Lemongrass Leaf Oil, Lavender Flower Oil. 

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