Neem & Tea Tree – Mattifying All – Day Protector 50g



An instantly-absorbent non-oily formula enriched with balancing Witch Hazel, soothing Aloe Vera & natural minerals to help keep skin looking matte & oil-free for longer. Enriched with triple UV sunscreens to help protect skin from harmful rays of the sun. Naturally soothing Arnica, Ceylon Margosa & Peppermint combine to help cool & comfort skin, calming acne & minimising imperfections. Watercress & Licorice promote skin clarity, improving overall radiance. leaving skin more illuminated.

* Pareben Free
* Alcohol Free
* Paraffin Free
* Not tested on animals
* Sustainable Harvesting
* 100% Vegetarian
* Supports Community Fair Trade

INGREDIENTS: 100% natural active WonderHerbs,

ARNICA– rich in anti-inflammatory properties. Promotes skin soothing, healing & relieves muscle pains,

LICORICE- Rich in anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial properties. Promotes skin lightening & anti-ageing benefits,

NEEM– Rich in anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties. Soothes & cools skin irritations,

TEA -TREE– Rich in anti-inflammatory properties. Soothes & relieves painful skin irritations. Reduce redness & swelling,

PEPPERMINT– Rich in antiseptic & antibacterial properties. Soothes skin irritations & inflammations caused by acne,

WATERCRESS– Rich in Vitamin C. Increases collagen production & wrinkles

DOSHA : Kapha – Best for oily & problem skin types.


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