Jewel Paradise Neroli Jasmine Pampering Set


This festive season, we celebrate Ceylon’s rich heritage of exotic, coloured gemstones, treasured over Centuries of time The limited-edition celebration collections are adorned with these precious sparkling jewels, uniquely laid put it our signature floral artistry, inspired by traditional motifs from the grand Royal palaces of ancient Ceylon Every time you purchase or gift an item from our Jewel Paradise Collection, you cootribute a pad of the proceeds towards Spo Cevlon’s initiatives, lo help conserve endangered species of rare Ceylonese flowers in the rainforest regions af the island.

NEROLI JASMINE GENTLE BODY CLEANSER – 50ML @ 1.69 FLOZ: A gentle sulphate-free body deanser with a coring blend of herbs & essential oils. Organic fresh Aloe Vera hydrotes, while Moringo helps naturally solten & smoothen skir Virgin Coconut helps gently cleanse & protects against dryness. Calming Neroli Blossom, uplifting Orange & retreshing Bergamot work in synergy with balancing Jasmine to scothe & calm the senses

NEROLI JASMINE HAND & BODY LOTION – 50ML & 1.69FLOZ: A gently calming & caring biend of herbs & essentiol oils to help Improve skin wellness. Virgin Coconut, Wheatgerm & Sweet Almond help nourish & protec against dryness while Moringo & Rice Bron promote more-even tone. Calming Neroli Blossom, uplifting Orange & refreshing Bergamot work as swergy wilh balancing Jasmine to soothe & calm the senses.

NEROLI JASMINE INTENSIVE HAND CREAM – 10G € 03502. NET.WT: A catural revilalising treatment enriched with vilamin-rich Sweet Almond, Whealgerm, Soya & Virgin Coconut to moisturise, nourish & cere for ding & rough Hands. Pure Mongo Butter & Kokum Butter help hydrate, protect & preserve youthfulness. Rice Bran & Soyo soften & smoother skin in lolal hand care. Exofic & calming Neroli Blossom, uplifting Orange & refreshing Bergomot work in synergy with romantic Ceylon Jasmine to soothe skin & genily balance the senses.

NEROLI JASMINE LUXURY SOAP – 50G @ 1.760Z.NET.WT: A luxuriously craomy natural cleanser enriched with Virgin Coconut, Rice Bran, Wheatgerm & Almond to moisturise, nourish & soften skin. Pure Mango Butter & Kokur Butter help hydrate, protect & preserve natural balance, while fresh Aloe Vera helps cool & comfort. Calming Nerds Blossom, Upliting Orange & refreshing Bergamot work in synergy with balancing Jasmine to soothe & calm the senses.

NIGHT JASMINE EAD DE PERFUME – 10ML e 0.34FLOZ: A luxurious sophisticated oriental floral bouquet of Night Jasmines sparkling with Islaed Champoke B Ceylon Orchids, indulging you in a romantic sunset escape to the sea-side Royal Gardens af old Ceylan Combines top notes oí Cerica Noarang, Exotic Ivy & Chompaka Flower, leoding to a heart of Violets, Oriental Roses & Exotic Orchids The base noies of wid Ceran Plum, Mountain Berries & Musk perfec the exotic aroma. Blended with the uplifting aromats essenfial ail of Jossming

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