Kesharaja – Gentle Hair Cleanser – 250ml


Kesharaja range that will help you to improve your scalp balance, nourish and strengthen your hair, helps to reduce hair fall whilst promoting hair growth.
This range is ideal if you have falling hair (stimulates the scalp for hair growth), weak hair (strengthens scalp & hair balance) & fragile hair (conditions from the root & minimizes breakage).


A mild sulphate-free natural formula, super-charged with the powerful goodness of Kesharaja Treatment Oil. Blended with vitamin-rich Sesame & hydrating Aloe Vera to purify hair & improve natural scalp balance.
Deep nourishing Keekirindiya, Ankenda, Hathawariya & Babila combine with soothing Rosemary & Fenugreek to help nourish, treat & strengthen hair. Basil, Lavender, Rose Geranium & Cedarwood help stimulate the scalp, promote hair growth & leave hair naturally soft & silky.

• Clean & Green
• Alcohol Free
• Against Animal Cruelty
• 100% Vegetarian
• Supports Community Fair Trade
• Promotes Sustainable Harvesting

IDEAL FOR : Weak, Fragile & Falling Hair. Helps to nourish, treat & fortify the hair.


100% natural active WonderHerbs, Kesharaja Treatment Oil, vitamin-rich Sesame, Aloe Vera, Keekirindiya, Ankenda, Hathawariya & Babila, Rosemary & Fenugreek, Basil, Lavender, Rose Geranium & Cedarwood.


Apply on wet scalp & hair. Gently massage, lather & wash off. Shake bottle before every use to activate WonderHerbs.


Weak, Fragile & Falling Hair. Helps to nourish, treat & fortify the hair.

DOSHA: Vatha & Pitha

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