In Harmony with Nature


Using 100% vegetarian ingredients in the processing and finished product, we use no animal extracts or fats or ingredients of animal origin. Additionally, our products have not been, and have never been, tested on animals.
Promoting the scent of nature, our products are made using only fresh pure herbs and the purest of organic essential oils and natural oils. No alcohol or alcohol based synthetics, genetically modified ingredients or petrochemicals are used in our products.
Through the use of sustainable grown and harvested herbs in our products, our formulae are fully bio-degradable & uniquely favorable to the environment. Additionally, all our packaging is recyclable and we encourage our consumers to dispose them responsibly.
Most of our product formulations are naturally preserved by the active herbal ingredients contained in the product. Where required, we sometimes use approved mild preservatives to protect the natural goodness of our ingredients. Spa Ceylon formulations no longer contain parabens or other similar harsh preservatives.
All Spa Ceylon products are free from ethyl alcohol, surgical spirits & other harsh alcoholic substances – which have the potential to dry & damage skin, resulting in open skin pores & premature ageing. Alcohol is also not an acceptable ingredient for our Islamic guests.
Spa Ceylon products only use natural fruit & vegetable oils, bees wax, soya wax & olive waxes which are rich in natural goodness. All Spa Ceylon products are 100% free from petro-chemical ingredients such paraffin oil, paraffin wax & petroleum jelly – which have the potential to clog pores & disrupt the natural balance of the skin & hair.
All Spa Ceylon products are free of animal fats, animal marrow, animal extract gelatins, milks & all ingredients of animal original origin.
All Spa Ceylon products are clinically tested for product safety & performance using human volunteers as well as laboratory testing methods. All products are also scientifically proven to contain all the natural ingredients listed in the packaging.
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