WHITE ROSE- Ultra Light Comforting Facial Moisturiser 60ml


An extra-light formula with pure Rose Water to hydrate & comfort skin, preserving natural balance. Virgin Coconut combines with Aloe Vera to help gently soothe & nourish skin, without excessive oiliness. Rose Geranium helps calm & pacify skin, while Rice Bran, Moringa & Sweet Almond help promote visibly fresh, glowing skin.

Alcohol Free

Against Animal Cruelty

100% Vegan & Vegetarian

Authentic Ayurveda Ingredients

Ethically Sourced & Manufactured

Supports Community Fair Trade

Promotes Sustainable Harvesting

HOW TO USE: Deep cleanse & wipe dry. Apply over face & neck using gentle press & release movements. Leave on.

INGREDIENTS: Rose geranium, Aloe Vera, Coconut, Almond, Rice bran, Moringa.

SKIN TYPE: Tridosha: Suitable for all dosha & skin types



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